About Us

Our Formula For Success

Financing is fundamental to start or expand any small business. Improving the success rate and standards of America’s small businesses requires obtainable, reliable financing. With over 3000 lenders nationwide, each with their own unique sets of products and guidelines, it’s no wonder why small businesses are having a historically challenging time starting up. McKenzie Inc Credit Experts  aims to connect small business owners with the financing they require, while handling the time-consuming correspondence between them and the lender. Our success is driven by our team, who are devoted achieving results the right way by; operating responsibly, accomplishing goals, utilizing new technologies, and seizing opportunities for profitable growth. McKenzie Inc Credit Experts analyzes and compares public data of the nation’s institutionalized lenders who have business products that meet our clients’ demands, and cross reference that with historical data of past clients to determine what financing mix is best for any small business. By providing optimal results for our clients, and predicting the approval patterns of lenders in our database, we strive to both be the industry leader in the unsecured business capital market, and to transition our business model and data farming management system to other sectors of lending as well.



Credit Repair

Our mission is to help you achieve your goal of a healthier credit profile and score. We strategically work with creditors to resolve any outdated, inaccurate, or negative items that is adversely affecting your credit score.

With years of expert experience, we are confident throughout our credit dispute process, you will see results with our efficient credit repair.Our extended mentoring and coaching services reinforce new learned behaviors and draft a comprehensive, personalized strategy going far above and beyond any credit repair program.